Staycation 1.0: Azalea Residences, Baguio

Seated on the lesser-dense pockets of Baguio city is a new addition to the number of prestigious hotels and accommodation for people who wanted a luxurious stay in the city of pines. A group of bloggers, including me of course, was invited by the hotel for a weekend stay. (we call it staycation; a portmanteau of stay and vacation............ umm.. well... i know... i talk too much.)

Arriving at 3:12 am in the hotel's porte cochere, a person opened the door of our van, in which they called a bellboy (I'm not that cultured of a person to get a privilege of staying in a high end hotel like this, much more be guided into their 8-step arrival staircase, and know what a bellboy means.)

The chilly wind blew hard in the Saturday morning. Observing the place is the last thing I was able to think of but still the well-designed entry statement caught my attention. Designed by an architect, i thought. Properly landscaped rotunda, an iconic water feature and a non-imposing, well-lit building architecture blends in with the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, we barely had sleep from that 6-hour ride from Manila and good heavens a hotel came to our rescue.

Overall ambience:
A charming, sleek reception area greets every guest of the hotel. Of course, there should be a receptionist here, unlike the photo. It's not like the vases will entertain you... On other note, the main atrium upon entry opens to a high-ceiling structure with walls heralded by appalling wood-carved Azaleas. Too literal, I observed, but the fact that the large scale of the feature wall accentuates and symbolizes the whole interior of the hotel, it became effective. The lighting was superb.

We were led to our rooms in the 5th floor, where we, guys, occupied a deluxe room with a queen size bed and a sofa-bed. All good for four.

What greeted us upon entry was a very spacious studio room (approximately 50 sqm.)  with all the necessities: bed, bathroom, sofa, tv, cabinets, refrigerator and even a STOVE! Yes, a stove, sink, cupboard, and a refrigerator with beer hehehe. Now we have a reason to prepare our own food!

I took some time to check my most favorite part of a hotel while my two companions are busy watching the television.

Of course, a hotel stay won't be complete with all the mouthwatering food that comes with it. Luckily enough we were treated for breakfast, lunch(in which we were the ones who prepared, I have a separate post for it though.) and a Chef's special dinner!!!!!! *foodgasm alert*

BREAKFAST, DAY 1: Buffet in which I am too lazy to enumerate, too many of them!

LUNCH, DAY 1: Our own creation which consists of a salad, soup, main entree, and dessert! From the first photo >>> to the next photo!

DAY 1, DINNER: Chef'sspecial, Chicken something with garlic, Bagnet with a very very delicious vinegar sauce,

We're all  happy campers!!!
DAY 2, BREAKFAST: Buffet again, with special participation of a freshly-cooked scrambled egg!

Look at our happy faces!!!
The service was superb. The staff treated us with utmost care and hospitality, especially our hosts who even prepared a game and ate with us!

They also have a bar within the lobby where one can spend ogling people who happen to pass by the lobby. (kidding!)

And, a children's playground. Interesting-ly enough, A colleague designed the landscape of this hotel. That's why the moment I first stepped on the premises, i felt a certain "ba-dump" that a fellow landscape architect laid his/her hands on the site.

Summing it up, our short stay in Baguio was highlighted mainly by the things we did inside this hotel, not to mention a few sidetrips outside the city and the Diplomat hotel. It won't be possible though without the kind hospitality of the people who offered us this generous accommodation. Thanks Azalea Residences!

For more information on packages and hotel rates, You can check this site out:

Thanks to my companions as well!

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  1. John Marx VelascoJune 3, 2012 at 2:12 AM

    Waaah... Na-miss ko ang Azalea! Puro kain tlaga ginawa nyo sa Baguio, hindi haggard compared to our batch. Anyways, enjoy din naman! :D


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