2011 in Retrospect

"I know now why I am always lost. It's not because I don't have a map, it's because I don't have a destination." --Takemoto, Honey and Clover

2011 has been a great year. I also consider it as the most memorable time of my life so far. There are ups and downs, side by side(?), milestones, first times, life-changing experiences, getting lost and finally getting back on track. It was also a time when I realized that I haven't enjoyed much of my previous year because of  being tied to academics. I should have enjoyed my college life more and it happened in the latter part of my senior year. Still, I am being positive in looking back to the year it was.

Inspector mills

Hi, as you can see, I'm still alive -- unlike my previous entry. Hahaha! haha.. ha.... ha.

It has been a very busy month, juggling chores at home, family commitments, church, friends. work,..., work, work... Uhm.. work? Kidding. I know I shouldn't be pushing myself too hard with my full time job, but time constraints are everywhere. Time is wasted in queue lines going up the overpass, waiting for a bus home, and other things. I rarely arrive home before 10pm, leaving my coconut shell dried to blog.

But it's fine. I'm trying to enjoy every minute of idleness, because it seems that it's the only me-time I can have, with those endless bus rides where I can catch up with sleep. (I'm not workaholic, okay)

So what have I been up to these past few weeks? The photos could tell.

This holiday season, I lost my little black book where I write random notes that enter my head, so I had to resort in typing it in my phone, in which I hate, but I find convenient. I am warning you, the following sentences could be really nonsense, random and unsightly due to overflowing cheessy+emo-ness, you might not read my blog anymore, and that's sad y'know.

Memento Mori: Post-Mortem Photography

Mourning is a strange thing, and different cultures deal with it in vastly different ways. But there’s a reason people associate the Victorians above all with morbidity and death, and one of them is memento mori.

During the Victorian Era, people honored and immortalized their dearly departed in a unique and rather eerie way--by photographing them moments after death. Take a look at some interesting post-mortem photographs that will make your hairs stand on end.

An apology to Manila (2 of 3)

I regarded Manila and its people as one. I forgot that underneath all the dirt and grime, Manila is asking for another chance. I forgot how much damage people can do to their habitat. Whatever shit is going down, the city reflects it. Manila now reflects how dirty the Filipinos can get just so they can live better than everyone, forgetting the place that gave them their identity.

But it's not too late for a change.

An apology to Manila (1 of 3)

I commute to my dormitory every week when I was a student. At times, I have two options: To take a bus from taft Avenue to Philcoa or take the MRT from EDSA-taft and go down at Quezon Ave. Either way, it's the same... the sight, the dirt and most especially the people. I've been a patron of public transport for 4 years and counting (as if I have a choice anyway). I’ve passed by these places, placing them with no regard anymore. I used to be so in love with Manila, thinking maybe someday, I would be able to walk freely with no fear.

Then, I just changed. I felt hatred at first, because of the traffic, the lack of buses going home, the unpleasant sight that passes by the train windows. Then, towards the end, I stopped caring. I started traveling again, and finding more and more things to nitpick about my city. I blamed Manila for everything. Why aren’t you like this, why aren’t you more like that, why can’t we have this, why can’t you do that.