Curriculum Vitae

I can't stand it, this little system we find ourselves stuck in;
these rankings of numbers and alphabet letters to indicate superiority, undermining the majority of E-grade students who work in the storehouses, sweatshops and McDonald's for an honest day's meager pay who, I don't know, f
eed and clothe the rest of the world and the canonized minority, statistical absurdities who sit at the top in their safeguarded fortresses, all back massages and shiny fingernails; who don't carry bricks across bridges each day.

I can't stand it, this little system we find ourselves stuck in;
and everyone's
but some are more equal and special than others

these big golden badges and achievers' ties, with the shiniest smiles who didn't get caught;
the ones who spat back in authority's face, and now strut about like they own the place
I can't stand it, this system we find ourselves stuck in

Twelve years of five days a week in subjects they choose, expanded horizons and little black shoes
reduced to a few sheets of paper

white, with black ink

typed(size twelve)

seldom with photographs.


Date of Birth, Current Age

Colour (of your epidermis) [roughly grouped]

Telephone and Email and Physical Address
Driver's license? (copy, if yes)

Education, past vocations, extra-curricular occupations

Community Service (What have you given that we want you to take back?)

References, you must have those, but no shoes
Nobody's going to be walking a meter inside of them.


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  2. Inasmuch as we would both like this world to be ideal in its truest sense, the sad truth is, not everyone is created equal but like you, I also think that everyone has a little something to bank on. To me, what's important is to understand and do your job well whatever it is. I would praise (and I had) a good waiter and treat him like a saint if he shows me impeccable customer service. The same way that I will re-elect a great leader if I think they did awesome work the first time. I call stupid, stupid and call great, great is somewhat my motto.

    On why we have these man-made boundaries that create such disgusting inequality, that is sadly the nature of the beast I tell you. On whether that will ever change, in this kind of culture I'll say no. And probably, never.

  3. this post officially puts you on my nosebleed category on my blogroll along with AJ....
    very nice.... i like the poetry of this post.

  4. Oh, just when I'm having a hard time with work and everything in life. Victim and guilty.

  5. Uy ito na ata pinakagusto kong layout ng blog mo.

  6. There are so many things in this world that we don't have control of. But you can make your own path if you don't want to take the norm. =)


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