Rat race

Two weeks ago, my sedentary life has ended. From the slow paced life of internet and afternoon naps, my world was shaken by the day-to-day waking hours before sunrise. To make things short, I started my first job. As expected, it will also be an everyday struggle to commute, because I am now one of the working class of this third world country, where people ride public transport like .zip or .rar files (I live in Bacoor by the way). Honestly, I can say that it won't be too much of an effort for me in squeezing my butt with strangers in a bus or a train because my student days were worse, riding a jampacked MRT with my "pangbakasyon travel bag" whenever I go to the dormitory.

Vapor nomads

I think being busy with something worthwhile pushes the lazy person in me to shoot and go out, unlike those days where I am in control of my own time. Two years ago, I regularly took my camera outside to shoot things until I found my love for clouds. I even started a tumblr site specifically for them, hence I was called cloudguy. :P

When I was still in school, I chased them while going to my class, having lunch, or even treading home, so most of the things you will see here are just backlogs, memories of the transient fluffy spirits that are hovering above us a year ago. I'm going to be busy again because of work, so I will try my best to take some time in capturing these sky deities and hoping it will also be my driving force to seek new horizons again.

15 images project: Chapter 1

Every end of the month, I review the photos I have taken since the acquisition of my interest in photography, so let me share with you my 15 images project, an effort to further sharpen my skills in capturing unique moments and things while setting foot on a place I've never been before or even to a place I frequent in. :) There will be 15 photographs that I will pick every end of the month, and all of them have my interesting story with it. Stay tuned! :)