As i'm writing this, the service crew in the station are probably preparing the bus where i will ride in a while. Why, you may ask? Well it seems that I planned a spontaneous trip with my batchmates after the recently concluded board exam. It won't be long though, because after 2 days, I will be flying to Cebu, an island far south. Results of the exam will probably be released while we're pitching our tent at the highest point of Cebu. So, it's just as good as turning my phone off to repel any news. I'm scared of the results, you see.

Several times I asked myself the point of getting that license and to be declared as a full-fledged professional when all you have to do is get through that one time-3-day board examination. Will it matter? Will it prove your value in the long run?

Still, I took it. And heaven knows what will be the outcome.