Favorite Travel Photos – My 7 Super Shots

Le Flâneur is a French term coined to define a person who strolls or loiters, usually without a destination in mind. A lovelier word, peripatetic, refers to someone who travels from place to place, especially working or based in various places for relatively short periods. Its origin is Aristotelian, with reference to the Great Philosopher’s manner of walking to and fro while teaching.

These are most suitable if I were to describe the person I have been for the past year. I was consumed by wanderlust—triggered by my post-grad trip in Ilocos, which was spent contemplating on my life and whatnots. (For reference, please see Wanderlust).

Some claim that people in constant journeys are on it for an escape—they say people like me are commitment-phobic, relentlessly needing a change of environment to fulfill one’s thirst for freedom and new space. However, these critics fail to realize that such journeys make a person more aware of one’s positioning in the world. Travels open one’s mind in the wider spectrum of things. It challenges everything that is familiar, but also leads to a more in-depth understanding of oneself. It is a journey of moving out and coming back, a commitment of being better after each endeavor.

I have made several journeys last year that had different implications on my life. They have varying levels of influence, which altogether changed the person I am and reaffirmed my most precious principles. So here I am, humbly presenting 7 SUPER SHOTS -- My favourite travel photos.

Takes my breath away
Admittedly, my first plane ride was last January this year, en route to Hong Kong. Being a sucker for clouds, I did not let the moment pass that I could shoot them from above. These mobile ivory fortresses that pass through their own private thoroughfare really took my breath away.

Makes me dream
An enormous vapor nomad made its way through the open passages of Mindoro Strait while I shot it from a ro-ro boat. 

Makes me think
The thing about taking photos in film is that you don't know how it will look like after processing, just like what happened in this photo. All the while I thought a failed exposure will show up in the 24x36 celluloid, but to my surprise, it turned out to be my first successful film photograph. 

Makes me smile
These are my relatives in Occidental Mindoro bidding farewell as our motorboat lunges into the open sea. I took a quick snap with my film camera and saw weeks after how all of the people in the photograph smiled and showed their sincere goodbyes to us. This is how a bittersweet goodbye would look like in a photograph, i think.

Makes my mouth water
Can't get over this scrumptious breakfast treat I had in Baguio: A simple pancake topped with butter, strawberry jam, honey, and two slices oh melon on the side. I took it down with a hefty amount of milk. 

Tells a story
This local with his dog proves that surfing isn't only for "humans" alone. --taken in San Juan, La Union.

My most proud of
A.K.A. Natgeo shot: This photo was taken under the searing sun of Ilocos. The rock outcrops of Kapurpurawan provided a backdrop to one of my most favorite shots -- which won a place for the Nikon Extreme Angles contest. 

So there, my 7 super shots! I really had a hard time selecting these critters inside my hard disk, and I must say that all of my photos are precious to me, it just so happened that I had to take it down to seven. But! I think I need to add one more category, just to make room for this photo: 

Makes me "wander"
Sounds like a maroon 5 song eh? I often tell myself that there should be one photo that fuels you to go out and explore more beyond the boundaries. So here it is: a photo in Capones island. I will never get tired of it.

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  1. I love the first two photos.

  2. Ang ganda! The first photo blew me away.

  3. Amazingly great photos. Keep it up BJ.

  4. As expected, you did a great job Byron! The cloud shots are awesome! Ikaw na talaga ang nag-iisang cloud guy hehe! Thank you for the indulgence :D

  5. As expected, ang pro ni Byron sa mga ganito a.k.a. parang ikinahiya ko yung sa akin. Hahahah. Good job Mo Jeffy! Peborit ko yung makes me dream!

  6. Thanks guys! I wish hindi ko kayo madisappoint next time.

  7. "Being a sucker for clouds, I did not let the moment pass that I could shoot them from above." - AH, I do understand that feeling. Clouds are so wonderful, especially when you can shoot them in their puffy glory! I love your shots!

  8. Uy nakatag pala ako dito! YAY SIGE I WILL DO THIS SOON!

    Also, I've seen most of these photos before pero hindi talaga sila nakakasawang tingnan kahit kailan. You are one of my favorite photographers ever. :)


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