The sea is just the wetter version of the sky

I have a dream destination, but I haven't found it yet. They say it only shows itself to people who have the sincerest wishes to reach it. There are scenes that repeatedly loop inside my head convincing me that someday, it will show itself in front of me like a painting that comes to life little by little.

Here's a quote from my fellow nomad blogger Drew: "My imaginary list changes all the time."

For years that I have been exposed to fiction and things that are detached from the norm, this humble nutshell of mine concocted a dream destination, that is honestly, beyond reality. But who says reality should only be of this world?

This may sound too foolish and a little too far-fetched for a young-guy-who-just-got-out-of-school, but for some ironic reason it serves as my only connection to reality. After all, assurance is already 2/3 of success. Have confidence that one will succeed in endeavors against all odds, and it will.

Cities in the sky

Reminiscent of the 1986 Miyazaki animation Laputa; Castles in the sky exist beyond a huge mass of cloud. These are remnants of an ancient civilization and an exposition of exquisite technology that allows cities to hover up in the air. Combining this idea with a myriad of scenes that swirl inside my head, I created a utopia of my own.

If ever there really is a floating city, no doubt that i will do everything just to get up there. A chartered airship will allow smooth transport from the lower earth up to the air docks jutting out from this arcology. Living will be simple and as laid back as remote villages down below.

So what can I do up there?

The citadel guards are hardened clay goliaths that keep peace and order within the arcology. Being amphibious and gifted by the ability to fly, the settlers will not worry a thing with safety.

Endless plains of tulips and annuals reminiscent of Holland and Swiss alps will be accessible via a little teleportation pavilion that connects every part of the city. 

Surfing while clouds touch the sea. There will be no boundary between the sky and any body of water because of the higher altitude. After all, aren't clouds just like the reflection of the waves?

Moonset will be normal, as the lunar globe touches the higher horizon of this arcology every 6:15pm.

Settlements will vary from free-floating houses to houses in the middle of a lake, depending on the owner's preference.

My own rustic home will have its own garden that extends indoor, with a picket fence as a gate.

Enough space for me to read a book and talk to little people.

Every kind of existence is evident; from little people to talking cats.


Being around with a lot of travelers who'd been to far off places, hearing their stories and "you-should-go-there-someday" antics made me realize that my worth isn't really about how many places I've been to already, but how far I imagine myself to be. I am aware that the things I wrote here is far from possible at present. Still, who knows, maybe in a different lifetime, I will wake up looking down from the clouds.

This is my entry for the Pinoy Travel Bloggers‘ Blog Carnival

Theme: My Ultimate Dream Destination and My Pledge to Turn It Into A Reality”

Hosted by: Robx Bautista

***images are taken from screen caps of Hayao Miyazaki. Makoto Shinkai, and Umino Chika movies


  1. "Still, who knows, maybe in a different lifetime, I will wake up looking down from the clouds." - Peg ko din yan! As always, I'm rendered speechless by your writing, dramatic and with a lot of heart. Great one Byron!

  2. Naks namention pa ako hehe! I have this movie forever in my download folder but I have not seen it hehe! Ako din dream ko to live in a Miyazaki world in fact, meron akong similar post na hindi ko pa napublish. Pangarap ko kasing sumakay sa Catbus hehe! Wonderful post Byron! Galing mo magsulat :D

  3. Sige gawin mong reality to ha! Hahaha. Thanks for joining nak! :)

  4. "my worth isn't really about how many places I've been to already, but how far I imagine myself to be" -- very well said :)

  5. Yes, this dream destination is far from possible at present but you have the imagination to make this possible in the near future.

    Make this place a reality and I'm sure I'll be one of its frequent visitors.


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