Clouds hovered above the azure sky as I took the laundry from my uncle's house a few blocks away from ours. It has been months since they moved in that good ol' bungalow which they painted a striking mint green. On sunny days like these, bringing the clothes straight from the laundry in their concrete garden has been a protocol every weekends. It won't take an hour before my lola will call me to pick the clothes one by one probably because the albedo value of concrete is more than enough to dry them.

For years I learned the art of folding clothes. The number one rule is that one should be meticulous enough to fold the little details and separate the "pambahay" to "plantsahin". It's a tedious task but will be fairly easy if executed well and you won't have any problems in dealing with the ones you need to iron. Folding clothes for trips is a different topic though, one needs extreme strength in compacting rolls of cloth just like kimbap (a korean delicacy). Still, the techniques and way of dealing with this chore vary with every person, and I personally think this is one of the most noble chores in history.

After I placed every crease and fold into their rightful gaps, I took a short nap and browsed mobile twitter to see anything that interests me. It's the only website now that I frequent because I just deleted my facebook, a bold move to be reacquainted with pen, paper and other things that is non-facebook-able. Now, I regret, a little, that I won't be too updated with my friends and anything "in" because I am disconnected from that internet monster. But that's fine, at least I get to help my parents in doing the chores and save myself the laziness that causes a lot of arguments inside the house, just like moments ago, with my brother.

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  1. You deleted your FB account for good? Ouch. I used to do that at our house when I was little but when I grew older I no longer thought that clothes need to be ironed. Malulukot din naman eh. Hehehe.


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