Habal-Habal: Two-wheeled Taxis in the Metro

Modes of commuting in the metro has evolved into a diverse set of ways that even vehicles which aren't meant for it are used. (Naks gumaganun.). Now that I am part of the working class, finding the most efficient way to get from point A to point B is quite a challenge... (pero mas nakaka-challenge gumising nang maaga.) Anyway, apart from Buses, trains, taxis and jeepneys, I recently found out a contingency plan if ever I am in the verge of being late for work. Usually I take the Fort Bus just a few steps away from the Ayala MRT station. During peak hours, around 8:15-8:45am, the queue lines spill to EDSA at a ridiculously fast pace, rendering my efforts of being early useless.

So, if ever you're up for an adventure and you don't mind bathing yourself first thing in the morning with the impurities of EDSA, an alternative way to get to your workplace especially around Bonifacio Global City is to take the Motorcycle for Hire (I call it Skylab or Habal-Habal, but the term usually refers to the one used in the mountains with two or more passengers.)

The queue line which you can see in the corner of the street (facing the stairs to MRT) is evidently shorter than the bus/taxi lane, and the frequency of the motorcycle that arrives is quite high. However, if you're not ready to shell out 40php (at kuripot ka...) to save your ass from being late, then you can suffer the frustration and heat of the queue lines in the Fort Bus station.

However, I think this is still an illegal practice (I have yet to confirm because I don't see the authorities banning them from doing it.), especially if it concerns the safety of the passenger. The only safety measure that they can provide is a single helmet (not the ones that professional bikers are wearing, but the tattered and cheap hand-me-downs that can crumble anytime) and the assurance that the passenger will hold tight in the handles at the back.

My photo while riding this one is still in the lab waiting to be developed so i will update it as soon as I can.

It will take you around 5-10 minutes depending on the destination. It's fast, but dangerous. So it's still up to you if you feel like doing something new. I probably won't take this everyday but if there is a need, at least I have something to count on.

Here's a link for a video shown in GMANEWS TV. [Video]

The public transport system of our country is seriously fucked up that various ways to cope up with the shortcomings of the government to provide safe and efficient transport system in the city sometimes compromise the safety of its people. Whenever I go to work, a sea of people (including me) waiting for the bus/train swarms like hungry beasts waiting for their prey. And then the greedy bus operators will insist on packing you inside the vehicle like sardines because they need it for their boundary (or just plain greed). You're even lucky if you'd be able to stand on both feet inside the bus (obviously i'm exaggerating).

It saddens me that the tax I pay for the country is not utilized for things of more importance (education, efficient public transport system, not more ROADS like the EDSA flyover!).


  1. Umabot na ang habal-habal here? Ayos!

  2. Seryoso meron na nito dito? Wow! Siga to lalo na pag umabot sa mga sosyal na lugar like Boni High. Ano kaya sasabihin ng mga conyo? hehe!

  3. Opkors! hahaaha syempre hindi sila sasakay dun no! :P

  4. na-try ko yan sa BGC going to Edsa after ko sumali ng run. Sigurista ung manong driver pinagbayad ako kaagad.haha

  5. Salamat christian! Mas hanep shots mo! Hahaha

  6. Oo baka daw takbuhan mo siya eh, galing ka pa naman sa fun run hahaha

  7. im going to write din sana about this..hahaha! I reported this na sa management,yung mother company namins handles BGC transpo, pero ewan ko ano nangyare, i dnt know kung kulang na nga ba yung transpo or dumadami lang talaga yung mga nagwowork sa BGC,

    this saves me everyday! kesa mainip at mainitan ako sa haba ng pila sa Fort bus. pero nakakatakot nga sya..hahaha


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