Bouncing sounds, Flying crypts

In which we descended into the depths of echo valley.

Yours truly

The day of our departure was graced with blue skies and a weather perfect for a day stroll. It was in our itinerary to visit the hanging coffins where Sagada is famous for. A long, uphill, fat-burning walk from our guest house will lead to the town proper where the Protestant church is located. Further north and the cemetery greeted us with the locals preparing the tombs for the Panag-apoy the next day.

Pagpasensyahan niyo na yung paa kong mukhang luya :/

Impressively huge canopies
Upon reaching the cemetery, the downhill trek began. But before we descend, it is essential that everyone should have his/her own Kodak moment.

What're you lookin' at?
Uhhh... we didn't expect that it would be this steep. :D :D :D
View of the valley's peak

Upon reaching the bottom of the valley, we were able to see the point of origin, and afterwards a sense of accomplishment creeped in. (Ang taas naman kasi ng binabaan namin!)

If you can see the people in the photo, that's the point where we came from.

Up close
Hanging coffins of Sagada

After a few minutes of resting, the downhill-uphill trek commenced again so that we can go back in the house to get  our baggages. We should be able to catch the 1pm Sagada-Baguio bus.


  1. Actually, malapit lang naman talaga yung Echo Valley from town proper. Konting lakad lang. 30 minutes tops.

    Yung hanging coffins ang effort puntahan.

  2. hahahaha, nabigla ko ba kayo sa effort na gagawin natin, pero madali lng nmn eh..hahaha

  3. Mygehd, di ba mas mahirap umakyat? And by hirap I mean hingal! Hahaha. #ConcernsOfAFatKid

  4. Depende yan sa taong aakyat-baba dar hahaha lalo na yung katulad namin na hindi masyadong physically active hahaha

  5. Mataas talaga yung bababaan at aakyatin, may times na kailangan mo talaga umupo sa lupa kasi hindi abot ng paa yung tutungtungan, at wala ring handrails. hahaha

  6. Effort talaga, kung pwede lang iview dun sa deck na napuntahan natin sa taas eh. :D

  7. lol.. hindi ako naniniwalang madali yun. haha.. ang hirap kaya!

  8. di na ako nakapunta dito. wala na kasing oras noon. kulang ang 4 days sa sagada! :D

  9. we were supposed to go there but since it was raining, almost dark and without a guide, we didn't push through with the walk downhill and settled taking photos using those hanging coffins as our backdrop :)


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