Further north Pagudpud - day 2

It was already 10 am when we left Laoag city and rode a bus to Pagudpud. It was a 2-hour ride coupled with scenic views along the way, We saw the windmills, open beaches of Burgos and the lighthouse. We thought we can conquer these places in one day but nooo. We arrived in Pagudpud town proper at exactly 12noon and asked the tricycle drivers-in-waiting on how to get  to Saud beach, and a kind Manong took us there. One of the things we learned is too befriend the locals so that they can help you with the trip, so manong offered us an existing tour package for 600 pesos. He gave us his number when he dropped in Saud beach and told us to just contact him if we're done so we can start the tour.

Bus ride from Laoag to Pagudpud. 60php each.

View of the windmills in Bangui while riding the bus
Saud beach is just one of the famous white sand coasts in Pagudpud, the other one called Blue Lagoon, further east. Upon arrival, I was expecting a ton of people wading in the azure saltwater but to my surprise, only a few are in the vicinity in this time of the year. There were available cottages for rent, most of them still vacant but we opted to sit in the sand and enjoy the cool breeze beneath the coconut trees.

One of the several boats parked in the sand

This time I ran out of film reserves, apparently all of them were left at Laoag. So the next set of photos are shot using my digital camera. It was almost 1 pm so we decided to have picnic in the sand. To save money, we packed our own food at home: Fried catfish (fresh catch from the Bacarra river); Ilocos longganisa, adobo and rice. We also prepared sandwiches with Iced tea as our thirst quencher.

Around 1pm, we decided to enjoy the sea, took our shirts off and played with the sand and saltwater. —no photos since i was too occupied with our sandcastle—

It was already 3pm when Manong, the kind tricycle driver who took us around northern pagudpud, brought us to Kabigan falls. Kaibigan falls is a 30-45 mins trek from the main road and there is a P10 environmental fee to be collected and they require you to get a guide that will bring you to Kaibigan falls. I didn’t know we already reached 1.2 km from our starting point! The trek was a series of forests, rice paddies and little creeks.

Kabigan Falls
Kabigan Falls has an approximate height of 87 feet with a concave basin underneath to catch the water perfect for the guests and tourists to swim at and enjoy its water. The water was totally very cold when I took a dip. I never wasted time to savor the beauty and wonder of this site. This is exactly an amazing treasure of Ilocandia. A sight to behold. It is our prayer that it can be conserved for the future’s generation to enjoy.

Kabigan Falls Enclave


  1. Kaibigan falls , one thing i missed when I was in Ilocos norte. Pagnakabalik ako , pupuntahan ko to. =)

  2. It's a must see! Though it looked like any waterfall in the country, the journey to the place added charm Kabigan falls. :)

  3. Tagal ko nang gustong pumunta ng Pagudpud para sa windmills. Bucket list ko yan (kahit wala pa talaga akong bucket list. hehe).

  4. Kaya mo 'yun! Madali na lang magexplore sa Pagudpud kasi may mga tricycle na tutulungan ka makaikot sa mga magagandang places dun :)

  5. Yes they are!!! Thank you!


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