These scenes reminded me of Manuel Arguilla's "How my brother Leon brought home a wife." All photos were taken during our trip back from Kabigan Falls, Pagudpud. Heavy photo post ahead :)

The sun was in our eyes, for it was dipping into the bright sea. The sky was wide and deep and very blue above us: but along the saw-tooth rim of the Katayaghan hills to the southwest flamed huge masses of clouds. Before us the fields swam in a golden haze through which floated big purple and red and yellow bubbles when I looked at the sinking sun. Labang's white coat, which I had washed and brushed that morning with coconut husk, glistened like beaten cotton under the lamplight and his horns appeared tipped with fire.He faced the sun and from his mouth came a call so loud and vibrant that the earth seemed to tremble underfoot. And far away in the middle of the field a cow lowed softly in answer.


  1. I love how you compose your photos. They always seem effortless.

  2. First I was like, "Faaakkk film ba yan?" And then I saw your tag. HAHAHA. Brother, you shoot well both on film and on digital. High five!

  3. Haha. Thought this was film too. Muntik na malaglag panga ko. Pero just the same, nakanganga pa rin ako. LOL.

  4. Thanks ayla! Long live film! :)

  5. Salamat rem! Photowalk tayo minsan! Kailangan ko na madispose yung iba kong BW film :P kahit dyan sa tabi tabi lang :)

  6. Howdy Shinobbu!

    I was lazily lurking on the blogosphere and got here, and well, decided to leave a note to let you know that I like the way how you see things thru your lens - definitely creative and subtle (although I'm sure you already know that).

    I've been here on this trek to Kabigan Falls and I must say you described it perfectly like a hypnotized lover - romantically poetic.

    Will further browse around,


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