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Hi, as you can see, I'm still alive -- unlike my previous entry. Hahaha! haha.. ha.... ha.

It has been a very busy month, juggling chores at home, family commitments, church, friends. work,..., work, work... Uhm.. work? Kidding. I know I shouldn't be pushing myself too hard with my full time job, but time constraints are everywhere. Time is wasted in queue lines going up the overpass, waiting for a bus home, and other things. I rarely arrive home before 10pm, leaving my coconut shell dried to blog.

But it's fine. I'm trying to enjoy every minute of idleness, because it seems that it's the only me-time I can have, with those endless bus rides where I can catch up with sleep. (I'm not workaholic, okay)

So what have I been up to these past few weeks? The photos could tell.

This holiday season, I lost my little black book where I write random notes that enter my head, so I had to resort in typing it in my phone, in which I hate, but I find convenient. I am warning you, the following sentences could be really nonsense, random and unsightly due to overflowing cheessy+emo-ness, you might not read my blog anymore, and that's sad y'know.
  • Every breath you take Yes i hid inside, till i almost cry Leader of the band
  • Forgiveness isn't all about forgetting. it's choosing not to bring up past mistakes because you love the person. Red, colors of christmas
  • Hebrews 12:15
  • Enemies-forgiveness; Opponents-tolerance; Friends and family-heart; All-charity; Children-A good example; Self-respect
  • I learned something about money today. When you have a bigger income, it doesn't mean you're at all contented. It still depends on your capacity to live within that. For instance, i myself have already more than enough but it seemed that it always lack for the things that i WANT. From now on I will try to give more and live within my means. It won't hurt to dream and hope for the big things but for now I shall be contented for what is given to me.
  • 10525, 11232, 10413, 1174 truly madly deeply
  • Ang dami kong namimiss tuwing ganitong Christmas season, lalo na ngayong nagtatrabaho ako, Namimiss ko yung christmas vacation nung estudyante pa, Yung mga parties sa UP, nung elem, highschool. Yung nostalgia pag christmas season na nakaupo lang sa sofa ng bahay tuwing gabi at may yellow light habang nag babrowse ng photo albums, tutugtog ng rudolph the red nose sa keyboard, o kaya eh maglalaro ng family computer, tapos may mangangaroling.Eh iba na kasi ngayon eh.
  • Picture of you
  • I feel happy today; i'm motivated
  • A happy christmas to me. Even though I haven't received that much gifts like the past few years, i felt contented and more happy that I was able to give out something, including time, for reconnecting with old friends and the One who gave all of these. :)
  • Kahit nagkakaron ng misunderstanding at tension between family members, at the end of the day, maaayos pa rin yun. Indeed, this could be the most imperfectly perfect christmas for me.
The end of the year is approaching, and I'm looking forward to that. :) Happy holidays everyone!


  1. Happy holidays! And also, happy new year!


    Eto mas cheesy, kulang na lang crackers:

    It was nice meeting cloudguy in person after being Tumblr friends for more than a year! You are even a better person that I thought. Isa ka (along with the rest of the Bagets) sa nagpasaya at nagpa-180 sa latter part of the year ko. I hardly find any straight guy friends who look past one's sexuality and treat me like everyone else na walang malice and prejudice. =)

    Cheers to more awesome trips in 2012 and let's all strive to live passionately!!!! :D

  3. I appreciate all of it robbie! It's my pleasure working with a talented artist as well. Hindi ko talaga makakalimutan yung pagboost mo sa thesis presentation boards ko. :)

    Looking forward for more trips with bagets! LIVE PASSIONATELY!!! /header.. *cough...cough* blog header.. *cough*.

  4. Hay, feeling ko naman karamihan satin who are at this stage in life has the same feeling of discontent, especially people like us. Nakakapagod ang mahabang commute araw-araw, at nakakainis isipin that all that time spend could be spent doing something more productive. pero at the same time oo nga, we are already so blessed to actually have a job and be able to have the means to keep on living, we could be a lot worse. ;) Nagustuhan ko ang bulleted list mo, as random as it might be, every single one cannot be more true.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Byron! :D

  5. naks si robx nag-eemo. hehehe. :D

    good thing my place is just a 13-minute-brisk-walk away from the office. Nice random thoughts, reminds me I should have a small notepad next year (not only when I travel). I used to have one when I was your age.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Happy Holidays! :)
    Tama ka about money. The more money you have the more you'll want things.
    lol mag new year na kasi kaya siguro napapaisip na nanaman ang mga tao...hehe~


  8. Bloghopped from Robbie's. I like what you did with the bulleted list. Parang gusto kong gayahin. LOL.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Right on, allie. We just have to find happiness in the littlest of things. Wahaha :) Happy holidays!

  10. Happy new year ED! I envy you guys who are only minutes away from your workplace. :)

  11. Ikaw. pala. si. Cloudguy!!! Waaaa! :))

  12. It's not how much you earn. It's how you saved and what you do with your savings! :)


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