How to Get Along With Your Jeffy Dragon
Congratulations! You’ve just won a Mo Jeffy dragon pet. With this box is a manual: a step-by-step guide on how to raise and train your new pet dragon.

- A Jeffy dragon doesn’t really need a clean, well-kept space to survive. In fact, he loves sleeping on dirty floors – it boosts his MP up. Expect to see him sleeping on the oddest part of your castle after a cramming period.
- A Jeffy dragon never sleeps on time. Give him a splash (or two) of Sting magical energy potion every night. And he’s yours.
- His attention span is very close to being non-existent, so you have to know how to amuse him. If you’re really having a hard time, I’ll give you a hint: open iTunes, play a hyped song and press CTRL + T.
- Take him out on a leisurely stroll once in a while. It doesn’t have to be planned; in fact, he loves it when it’s spontaneous.
- Make sure your castle is free from Isaw, Dugo, Barbeque and the like. Save your savings account before he shows you his fatal puppy eyes. I swear, you’ll declare bankruptcy.
- Keep his HP up by giving him a good tap on the head daily, and a regular slice of life movie to watch.
- Don’t taunt him when he’s not in the mood. That is, if you don’t want to be barbeque-d!